So Wendy's in love
she wants to shout about it
It's making no sense
And she knows
The way things can turn
Like mobiles in the wind
I sink into the black
And she'll never know

Running out of control
To end up with a heartbreak
To feckless chance
I am lost
On your stony ground
A standing jump of elation
Upon this dry lovers waste
I see I am cast

And so when you go
Just tell me you know
That if I should call
You'd say, don't go

Now that Wendy's in love
She seems to have the answer
It's all fitting in
Nice and clean
Brings it all home to roost
A fix of thanks for nothing
She'll never be more
Than my dream

So is it over now
Or is it just my assumption
A drop of a hat
And she's home
Am I reading it right
Or have we gone past redemption
She holds out one hand
And like a vapour is gone


There's no point being in love with you
You just don't see what you do
When you use those eyes
Do you realise
My insides turn to water
Like a lamb to the slaughter
Do you realise
I'm a broken doll that's twisting
On a wire
I can't look at you
Without crying, dying inside
Oh please love
Release me!

It's not really 'bout wanting you
You just can't know what it means
When you took my hand
You must realise
My resolve starts to crumble
Like a child that is needy
You must realise
This longing man's retreating
Into shadow
I can't look at you
Without wanting, needing your touch
Oh please love
Reprieve me!

In that time that's been wasted
Closed in mind could you love me?
All those things that I want you to say
Remain unsaid
Simple wish that can stay pure
Tell me now hold on, tight
I'm feeling you


Half is a man left alone
Who's in and out of love
With a dream
That's now changed
And re-arranged

And the hand
That rocked the cradle
Shook me free
To fall down now as dust
Of my making
If I gave my heart to you
I'll have none
And you'll have two
And I'll be
Weeping wailing

Trapped behind the wall
Do I stand
I'm waiting for you
Here outside the light
That you cast
It falls about you


How they'll never believe you
Say you're going insane
Like this kind of a woman
Can be terribly vain
(Gifts like this don't come free)
Just if the tarot could tell you
Tell you all you should know
You'd believe

I fell in love from the start it's true
You played around with my heart
So what's new?

Search your feelings, I see the goodness in you
When all's said and done
We only had each other too
Whatever haunts your footsteps
However heavy the load
Gifts are always accepted
With the seeds that you sow

So when my vigil was over
And I looked in their eyes
Derision and laughter
Went along with the lies
(Gifts like this don't come free)
So, it's back to the searching
Searching high and low
To believe


Want to talk about the feeling that you have
Resolved to leave it hanging on a thread
Right deep inside, your mind
You might find
Some release, some regard
Some rebirth

Take your things take your load
And leave me
I don't need it I'm weighed down
You have seen the heady ways
I need right now

Keep the vigil keep your watch
Upon me
I'm heavy hearted that you should go
I absolve and release you
This time

Never really knew what you had
Till it's gone
It tears you up to hear a truth
never really see what there was
Till your blind
Your eyes don't see anymore
That's the way it is

That same old situation
Around and round we go
Love gone wrong

Where's the beat where's the love
That holds me
In it's fingers in her grasp
We are sharing rituals


So, it's come to this
A breaking of a promise
One little word
Brings it all - Crashing down
The waiting's over
And for all we see
There never was - Redemption

All the dreams you have
See the plans you made
Go withered in the wind
Upon that ravaged shore
A smoking funeral pyre
The tears you feel you cry
For the losing game you played
For the one you still remain
Your grand designs
Your grand charade

Does it seem so hard?
The squaring of a circle
Some laughing fool
Sends us to - Living proof
That all's forgiven
And for all we know
There never was - Salvation

You tell me one thing I say another
We revolve around our worlds of pain
Involved in love's suicide
Love's rage

Does it run so deep?
To sever cords that bind us
It leads us to - Being true
So when talking's over
And the heart revealed
There only is - Communion


Upon my word the frost is eating
Shadowed lines that bear the scars
And I
Feel the weight is burning
Upon my soul the voice's cheating
Broken ground before the fall
And I
See the pilgrims turning

We breathe, we dance
We love, we hate
We see, We dream
We call, into the darkness
"A Christ is born"

Upon my word the sky it darkens
Scorched, polluted full of tears
And I...
See the promise fading
Upon my soul The Lost are pleading
Bring us back to dignity
And I...
Hear the faithful singing


Talk to me-
Give me your words, in the night
The walls close in
And there is the image of you
Right there before my eyes
I walk the lonely halls
And say a prayer for then
As I wonder why
And the walls close in

Every breath we take
Brings us, one breath closer
To the day we breathe
The same breath
And every word we speak
Brings us, one word nearer
To the time when no words
Are needed anymore

Lie with me-
Bring me into, your living dream
I'm about to fall
I lay down upon a cold pillow
Imagined, the touch of your hand
A world apart, maybe
But burned into my heart
In a name I'd sigh
And about to fall


We must obey the sensual exotic thrill
That gives us wings
Love that falls from Heaven must always heal
But will I be always looking
Back in time?
The heart's transcending call
That's eluding me

Oh I see my Farsi girl
Go tripping trough my mind
Her almond eyes so full of wonder
Don't leave before it's time
Oh I know, Does it show?
Do it slow, I know..

Cast adrift, my message in a bottle here
Am I in love?
Washed up on your shore abandoned, fear
But could it be the starting
Of a love affair?
A transatlantic sting
That's imploring me

Oh I see my Farsi girl
Go tripping through my mind
Her almond eyes so full of wonder
Don't leave before its time
Oh I know, Does it show?
Do it slow, I know

Oh I dream of my Farsi girl
A face to slow my mind
To say her name so full of promise
An inspirational sign
Oh I know, Let it go
Let it go, I know..


Some nights,
When the moon hides herself from view
I can see you when my eyes close
You dance,
Across the embers to that secret place
I know you,
Though I have never met you
Dancer in my room
Dancer in my room

When I am waiting for the Muse
Imagining can set my mind free
As wings,
The wind-tossed leaves upon my window pane
I hear you,
Though you have never spoken
Dancer in my room
Dancer in my room

Don't worry, about your heart
I will hold it in my hand
Unspoken, the emotion
That I feel

Some nights
As I am lying in the gloom
I want the kiss a lover gives me
As one,
To linger once inside a last embrace
I touch you,
Though I have never held you
Dancer in my room
Dancer in my room

Lyrics copyright 2010 Del Palmer