You know that feeling when the sun goes down
And you get - Out of your head
Sounds of traffic and a screaming child
Was that me - or something you said?
A streak of lightning and the pounding rain
On my window - Starts getting me down
I should have told you it gets serious now

But I can't say
No I can't say
Feel like running away
And I've been here before

Don't turn away
Don't cross the line
Don't turn away
Don't curse my sign

The salty water goes on stinging my eyes
It's my own - Conspiracy
I take the pictures that are making me mad
And I kiss them - Secretly
How long's it been now since I held you close
And you whispered - you loved me
I should have told you it gets serious now

But I can't say
No I can't say
Don't want to drive you away
But I've been here before

Don't turn away
Don't cross the line
Don't turn away
Don't curse my sign


Trying to forget you
But you're everywhere I go
If I'm walking in the town
An image can remind me
Of how it used to be
So I'm trying not to frown
But I know
it's always gonna show
On me

A word so softly spoken
A trace of sweet perfume
And we're walking hand in hand
Reflections in my mirror
In the corner of my eye
This is not what I had Planned
but I see
This is how it's gonna be
For me

But it's all right, let it go
I don't want to know, anymore
'Cos every love, has it's ruins
It's desert sands, with no regrets
The sun comes out and the rain comes down
It's in the scheme of things
It's all right

It never will be easy
To smile and set you free
And never show my fear
Strangers to each other
Yet some things still remain
It's hard not to shed a tear
But I know
Emotion's gonna show
On me


So silent he sets about escaping
Took up both his bags
And headed for the door
But a rattle of a handle
A glimmer of a candle
So much to be explained
Or is this not what it seems

She said maybe I don't understand it
But I think you planned it
And I know you know
She said Baby it's so underhanded
But now that you've crash landed
You're welcome to hard times

We're through baby, so cruel baby

Well I can't ask your mind to be deceived
I won't say that I love you
Cos I see that seems wrong
Well I wasn't gonna leave you
I was never ever gonna hurt you
It's a small misunderstanding
Oh please let me explain

She said maybe I don't understand it
But I think you planned it
And I know you know
She said baby it's so underhanded
But now that you've crash landed
You're welcome to hard times

We're through baby, so cruel baby


Even now your paper petals
Lie upon my pillow
Wrap yourself around me
Like a vine
The room is warm, the wine is sweet
I want to talk to you all night
I want to kiss those lips
Let them swallow me, I don't care
How soft you sigh in the half light

The endless ticking of a clock marks
Passing tender hours
Perfumes fill me up
They leave me blind
Lay skin to skin, eye to eye
I need to speak those words out loud
I need that leap of faith
Let me tumble down you, I don't mind
How deep a pool did I fall into?

You want to know me
I knew, you too

Yet again I feel the curving
Of your sweating shoulder
A lovers touch that's endless
Ocean deep
I am your slave, you are my mistress
I feel the burning fire in me
I feel the passions here
Let me give myself up, as you please
How many times I said I loved you


Only in a dream, does it exist now
Never in the waking world
Just a memory prevails
Only in a dream, only there
The beauty that you are
Is so near and yet so far

I wandered through my world
No tales could tell me right from wrong
Or where to go
The one I'd sought to find
Stood right beside me
taking every blow by blow
You were turning like the sky
I wondered would I live or die

Stood naked in the dark
A blind man without the gift
Of second sight
The voice that chains me down
I gave you up without the chance
To stand and fight
I was mortally afraid
terrified that you would see me as I am


I don't want to be, without you
How could I be so sure
Is it really what you feel, this answer
I'm so insecure
I remember what you said, you told me
No lies anymore
Is this truly what you need, the promise
Not to walk from your door
The voice within says I must let go
It's so strong inside of me
A kiss of life for a dying man
Gives a new reality

What's beyond the walls, around me
How wide is the sea
That threatens to engulf and drown me
Should I let you see
The thing is that I worry, about it
Those cords that bind me
I don't have the words, to ask you
To come set me free
Contradictions play a part
Just the same day in day out
The stupid things that seem so hard
Are the dreams I live without

I remember what you said, you told me
Love unwraps as it grows
The thing is that I worry, about it
I could get lost in the flow
Welcoming with open arms
Rendered up so easily
Warm and shifting silently
You're the one who's saving me


Your face so warm
A smile so free
The wounded child
Can be renewed
And shattered days
That lay in pieces
You can remake
But I knew
That it was someone else
Beside you in your stream
It was not me
So every step we take
Are hollow memories

It was you

These endless skies
Above our heads
As now we lay
Entwined in love
I thought that this
Delicious pain
Would last forever
Where has it gone
Where is that night we spent
In blissful dreams
Away from all the world
We never felt that it was
Something to be told

It was you


Doesn't matter much you say
But I know
How it costs you living day to day
Far it is that longest mile
That kept us all
In the warmth of your winter smile
The one you used
To work it out

If your life should crack
And there's no turning back
That you can see
It's never hopeless though
It can work out
You must believe

One and one does not make two
And still you run
Away to find that there is only you
The black box with no key
Were you drawn
Into a place where you no longer see
The way you used
To work it out

If your branch should shake
And they just seem to fake
All you could be
It's never endless though
It can work out
You must believe


She made me buy a tie-dyed T-shirt
I wore it to the festival
She said I looked like a little boy
With my over inflated ego
But I don't mind
It seemed so very long
Those days were full of fears
But the bearings of my life have been changed
Up, down, round and round you turned me
And I'm worth it for the first time

That's when your beautiful grey eyes
Brought me back again
And I knew, I knew that if I let you go
I'd be some kind of fool

But here is what I know
It's that all broken hearts
Say this is real
In dreams it may remain
Reflections in the way I feel

We spent the afternoon in green field
Full of love songs
She's as pretty as a picture
We played the jukebox all the old tunes
Still shining even now
The page is turned
This thing burned on my sleeve
It changes day by day
Transforming me to what I can't say
Here I am hear me calling I'm a stranger
In a strange land


Still have those moments going
Round and round my head
Runs through my fingers like sand
I took a sign I thought
I had it's meaning read
Easy to misunderstand
But if I hold my ground
And I make no sound
Can things turn around

Somebody sings
But I know it ain't over
I can't believe that there's
Nothing left over
Not when the lights go on again
I'll recover

Shocking lights above my head
Go around and round and round
Take my hand yes take me there
never ever let me touch ground

A Wheel of Fortune turns
Again the falling man
What goes around comes around
"I've been here before"
So hard to shake it loose
Full force like going to ground
But when I weigh these things
And what it nearly brings
Just as the time bell rings


When the rain falls, it hurts my eyes to open
I can feel it, a staggering force of one
I am falling and it's waking me far away
I know
That everything that I feel
Is taking me further down
Down the path I go

You leaving clothes in the cellar for me
And crying
There's only risk there is no guarantee
of flying
I'm dreaming you maybe your dream could be
One day you'll fall for me

I can feel you, like a chain around my heart
from child to woman, though we're many years apart
I can't explain it with the why's and the wherefore's
I see your line
In everything that you're saying
The wonder and the pain
Here I go again

This man who loves you in the past
And in the future
Unsure of where or when or if
A time commuter
Out there in space I am become a thief
A joy or just more grief

It's magic, how could I know what it could mean
I am longing and it's tearing me apart

You're trying hard to seem as if you've never
Met me
I long to stay inside the moment that
Can not be
I'm twenty-one and you are seventeen
These things have always been

Lyrics copyright 2007 Del Palmer